Rosary of the Rounds - large - English

Rosary of the Rounds - large - English

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The round rosary is made of 10 mm semi-precious stone beads: amethyst; Jasper: Red and White, Chalcedony: Green. The rosary leads through creation, redemption and sanctification and is based on the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

Text Rosary  LINK

The medal features the face of Luisa on one side and the face of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe on the other side.

Cross: metal with St. Benedict medal

65 cm (110cm in total)

The colors white, red and green refer to the ring that Luisa received at the renewal of her spiritual wedding in heaven. (see Volume 1)  

Virgin of Guadalupe

International and cosmic significance of the image: The stars on her mantle exactly map out the starry sky during the apparition on December 12, 1531. The rays behind her signify the sun.

In the Book of Heaven: April 28, 1926: But the one who surpasses all is my Heavenly Mother. She is the new heaven, the most resplendent sun, the brightest moon, the most flourishing earth. She encompasses everything, everything within herself.